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Nye Elementary Faculty and Staff

Welcome to the home of the Mighty Wildcats!

Congratulations to the following top AR classes per grade level! They will be treated to a popcorn party for their hard work!
Kinder- Mrs. D. Cubriel  111.9 Points 

1st Grade- Mrs. G. Valdes 1,242.5 Points

2nd Grade- Ms. L. Cantu 2,928.8 Points

3rd Grade- Mrs. H. Castro 2,230.4  Points

4th Grade- Ms. Deborah Mitchell 3,139.6  Points

5th Grade- Ms. D. Benavides 1,311.2  Points



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Sunday, August 31
Natural Resources
Useful minerals and other materials that people take from the Earth.
Sunday, September 7
Renewable Resource
A resource that can be replaced in a short time (trees, air, water).
Sunday, September 14
Nonrenewable Resources
A resource that can be used up, once it's gone; its gone for good (coal, oil, natural gas).
Tuesday, September 16
16 de septiembre
Sunday, September 21
Inexhaustable Resources
A resource that can not be used up (sun and wind).


Today, 8/27/2014
High: 100 Low: 77
Mostly clear
10% chance of precipitation.
Tomorrow, 8/28/2014
High: 100 Low: 78
Partly cloudy
10% chance of precipitation.